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Adulting got you down?

Do you find yourself hitting the snooze button more frequently than normal on your morning alarm? Are you dreading the thought of driving to the office on Monday? 


Or maybe you are fresh out from school and trying to navigate how to even find a job...let alone the one that is right for you...

What is "Career Consultation?" 

The good news is that Career Consulting can help! As a former Career Counselor for one of top universities in the nation, I have extensive knowledge on career theory and the factors which help create a satisfying work-environment/person fit. In addition to gaining insight into your career values and personal work goals, I also provide coaching for resume/CV construction and cover letter writing. Both of which can help you begin to take the next steps to land your ultimate dream job.


So whether you're an entry level employee looking to promote yourself, a seasoned worker looking to make a career shift or even a high school student trying to determine your major of choice, Career Consulting may be right for you. 


Reach out today to call and ask about scheduling a one on one consultation!


Fee for 1 hour (55 minutes) of Career Consultation: $145


Types of Appointments offered:

  • Resume/CV Writing and Review

  • Cover Letter Construction and Editing

  • Mock Interviews 

  • Choosing a Major/Graduate School Consultation for Students 

  • General Career Exploration Consultation (I.e. exploring your options and discussing next steps.)  





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